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My coaching is rooted in four fundamental beliefs:

  • None of us are flawed.
  • The mind is our greatest asset.
  • Our thoughts create our reality.
  • Action is a critical, yet often overlooked, part of the manifestation equation.

None of us are flawed. We are inherently complete. Each of us is a deep storehouse of wisdom. I help my clients access their internal wisdom by dissolving the limiting beliefs that block them from their inner knowing. 

The mind (consciousness) is our greatest asset. I help my clients overcome the external and internal programming that holds them back from realizing their full potential. This allows them to become masterful creators of their own lives.

Our thoughts create our reality. 

This is both good and bad news. It’s a positive to know that we ultimately have control over what we manifest. The downside is that without conscious attention, we often default to fear-based thinking which springs from our subconscious. To challenge our unconscious thoughts and beliefs, power tools are needed. I’ve got some game changers at my disposal and I’m on a constant quest to discover and develop more.

Action is critical.

Once our thoughts and feelings are aligned with our intentions, the next critical step is to take inspired action to make those intentions manifest.

I treat my clients like they are divine greatness which helps them discover that quality in themselves. Together we dissolve the adopted beliefs (both cultural and personal) that hide my clients’ full power and potential. Creating from this space helps my clients to become congruent with their intentions, aligning thought feeling, and action.

As your coach, I will hold you in your power, which means I will see things in you that you might not have yet embraced about yourself. My expectations of you will be rooted in this recognition of your higher potential. When you step onto that playing field, big things can happen.

I’ve coached clients on topics like:

  • Leaving their job to become an entrepreneur
  • Navigating through the early stages of entrepreneurialism
  • Developing the courage and confidence to show up more fully in their business
  • Identifying how self-sabotage is impeding business growth
  • Collaborating with consultants and freelancers
  • Creating and marketing workshops
  • Identifying passion and purpose and expressing it in business
  • Writing non-fiction and fiction
  • Discovering how the archetypes influence life and work
  • Balancing work responsibilities and family commitments
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs around money and success

I had a lot of fears about showing my whole self, even though I know I need and want to. Kira helped me uncover the root of the issue and release it by reconnecting to my purpose. She helped me to come up with ways to allow my light to shine. Kira is great at bringing your best self forward. I realized that confidence is already within me, I just have to show up and shine bright!

Jovanhanna T.

There are four ways to work with me.

Belief Reboot

A rapid-start way to release some of the Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back.

As the world becomes increasingly complex, we need new strategies to navigate the chaos. Welcome to Quantum Coaching.

Archetypal Coaching

Meet your personalized constellation of twelve archetypes who accompany you on your life journey.

Tame your monkey-mind so that you can get into the flow of your writing.

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