As your coach:

I will always hold you as powerful. I believe that you have vast depths of wisdom available within you, though you may have unwittingly cut yourself off from your internal knowing. I will find ways to get you reconnected.

While I believe that structure is important, I will always honor your uniqueness as a person and will customize offerings to align with your preferences and experience.

I believe that the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm, which means that how you show up in coaching is how you show up in the world. Therefore, I will challenge you to engage fully.

While we will uncover profound insights during our time together, the real payoff for you comes as you translate those insights into real-world action.

My Approach

I use several modalities to achieve results, including…

  • Power questions to help you access your inner wisdom and activate your intuition.
  • Generating concrete actions that will turn insight into outcome.
  • Exercises to break you out of your old patterns of thinking and acting.
  • Experiments to try out new ways of thinking and being so that you can achieve different results.

I help entrepreneurs and creatives transform their beliefs about themselves so that they can take action with self-confidence to move their work forward.

The archetypes are universal patterns that can have profound influence in our lives, especially when they are unconscious. In Archetypal Coaching we get in touch with these influences so that you can harness their vast powers to help you achieve your goals.

If you think you’ve got a book in you, I can help you get it out. Whether you are writing non-fiction or fiction I can help you tame the voices of self-doubt and find your authentic voice.

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