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Do you find yourself working harder and harder but accomplishing less? Or just not taking the same satisfaction in your accomplishments as before? Maybe it has even become harder to motivate yourself.  You’re dissatisfied and restless.

You’re trying to think your way out of the problem, searching for the latest technique or insight that will lead to relief. But maybe your thinking is the problem: limiting, or even unconscious, beliefs are dragging you down, leading to self-sabotage. You may even find yourself caught in scarcity thinking such that you can’t even see the possibilities.

You’re just plain stuck.

If it seems like the old ways are no longer working, that’s because they aren’t! The world is changing at a dizzying rate. We’re subject to information overwhelm, an exponential increase in the demands for our time and attention, and all the while the old structures and paradigms are starting to collapse.

We can no longer use our old, outmoded thinking and approaches to getting stuff done in this new world of accelerated change. The world has become chaotic, but chaos doesn’t have cause us fear and despair. Out of chaos, new order can arise.

We encounter dissonance when we are out of step with the ways things are and with the way that we imagine things could be. It feels terrible! Our energy becomes scattered, our efforts futile, and we end up in a spin, creating nothing but perhaps more of what we don’t want.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

What if instead of experiencing dissonance between how things are and how you want them to be, you found yourself in a state of resonance? What if things could come to you easily? What if it started to feel like the universe was conspiring in your favor, lining up the resources and opportunities you needed to manifest your desires?

Creating alignment between your energy and your ambitions means…

  • Tapping into the freedom that comes when you drop your limiting and unconscious beliefs.
  • Perceiving possibility where before you saw only limitation and obstacles.
  • Accessing the creative and abundant forces of the universe.
  • Developing resilience and new ways of thriving.

I can help you find peace and prosperity in this chaotic world.

I’m a coach for leaders and entrepreneurs who find that the old ways of bigger, faster, more are no longer satisfying. Instead, they favor simpler, smarter, better. They’re looking for creative and sustainable responses to the increasingly chaotic world around them. I help them shift their perspective and tap the power of their own wisdom to unveil new ways to thrive in these complex times.

As a result of Quantum Coaching you will:

  • Learn new ways to take focused, high leverage, inspired action that will lead to deeply fulfilling results.
  • Tap into your unique genius to find unlimited motivation and reawaken your creativity.
  • Learn how to work with, and change, limiting and unconscious beliefs and destructive thought patterns.
  • Discover your emotional GPS: learn how it operates, how you can attune to it, how to interact with it, and how you can navigate your life more effectively when you are guided by its wisdom.
  • Learn to get in tune with the natural laws of the universe so that you can more easily manifest your desires.

Working with Kira was a breath of fresh air.  She walked me through my overwhelm and helped me focus in on my values, and value.  After my sessions with Kira I’ve been able to move forward with much more clarity, confidence, and focus, and have been way more productive.  Most of all, Kira really inspired and supported me in playing bigger- owning my purpose and passion and the value that has in the world. If you’re looking to break free of your limits or limiting situation so you can do your good work in the world that lights you up, I highly recommend working with Kira.

Jenny M.

Quantum Coaching includes:

Operating Strategies Assessment

We all have different ways of navigating the world. These operating strategies are the ways we respond to the world given our assumptions about how the world works. The assessment will help you to identify the strategies on which you over-rely and those which you under-utilize.

Visualizing Your Ideal State

In our first coaching session, you will create the Ideal State for what you are envisioning unfolding in your life. The Ideal State will give you a clear North Star to navigate by.

Quantum Coaching One to One Sessions

The heart and soul of the Quantum Coaching process are the weekly one to one 60-minute coaching sessions.

Tools and Techniques

Every other session or so, I will introduce you to specific techniques you can use to challenge your outdated thinking, install new beliefs, and tap into the wisdom of the natural laws of the universe to usher in the results you want to manifest in your life and work.

Drop In Support

In between the sessions, I’ll be available to you as needed via email so that you don’t lose momentum and can get questions answered without having to wait until the next session.

Investment for the three-month program: $1500

Let’s Get Started

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult. You can do that right here:

Step 2. At the time of your scheduled consult, we’ll chat! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 3. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps to follow.

Have questions? Email me at:

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