I know you’ve got a book in you. Let it out!

But it’s not that simple.

Maybe you’ve tried and failed before. Maybe you’re asking yourself if you’re good enough.








I coach entrepreneurs who want to write and writers who want to thrive.

I specialize in coaching entrepreneurs who want to make a larger impact with their work by writing a book. I help them shape their ideas into a cohesive whole, create an inspiring action plan, and get down to the writing so they can make deeper inroads with the people that they want to serve.

With all clients, I focus on developing their sense of confidence as writers so that they can effectively cope with the voice of doubt that nags so many called to this path.

A deep understanding of the archetypes informs my work and has implications for both my approach to coaching and my content expertise, whether the client is pursuing non-fiction or fiction.

You might find working together to be a good fit if…

You’re an entrepreneur wanting to write a book to complement your business.

Perhaps you’ve never tackled a writing project like a book before. You may be struggling with:

  • Wondering where to begin
  • Having too many ideas or not enough substance
  • Worrying about your level of expertise
  • Questioning your writing ability
  • Holding yourself accountable to writing goals
  • Finding the time to write

You’re a fiction writer wanting support with the process.

You might be needing help with:

  • Developing your authentic writing voice
  • Finding the time to write
  • Holding yourself accountable to writing goals
  • Assessing the quality of your work
  • Having the confidence to write in the face of self-doubt
  • Creating and executing on a compelling and cohesive plot

I felt comfortable with Kira straight away. I felt like I could open up to her and she wouldn’t judge me in any way. Being able to trust her right from the beginning helped me get the best out of my time with her. Her coaching was a blend of helping me tap into my own wisdom to see my way forward and using her own intuitive skills to show me where I could stop playing small.

Kira helped me see that the limits I was placing on myself were artificial. I felt more in control, much clearer in what I needed to do to move forward with confidence.

Laura, London, UK

What We’ll Do Together

My services are tailored to your needs. You’ll start the process by completing the Book Writing Blueprint (non-fiction) or the Novel Development plan (fiction). This will allow me to have a baseline of exactly where you are at in the book writing process, understanding your needs and priorities. I’ll develop a customized approach based on these findings so that we maximize the value of our time together.

One to One Coaching

We will focus on the areas you most need in order to achieve your goals. Target areas might include providing an environment of support and accountability so that you can make steady progress toward achieving your ambitions; confronting the self-doubt and limiting beliefs that often derail authors; creating and revising a book outline that will orient your efforts; discussing time management strategies and developing techniques for you to take charge of your calendar.


You may be questioning the quality of your writing. I can help you with that! Many of my packages include a critique to help you dive into the writing process with confidence. I’ll help you to recognize your unique write voice so that you can accentuate it moving forward. I’ll also point out opportunities for improvement. This will help you close writing gaps early on to bolster the overall quality of your writing and save you time in the revision process. Critiques provided later in the process will help you to ensure that you’re producing to the best of your ability.

Working with Kira was a breath of fresh air.  She walked me through my overwhelm and helped me focus in on my values, and value.  After my sessions with Kira I’ve been able to move forward with much more clarity, confidence, and focus, and have been way more productive.  Most of all, Kira really inspired and supported me in playing bigger- owning my purpose and passion and the value that has in the world. If you’re looking to break free of your limits or limiting situation so you can do your good work in the world that lights you up, I highly recommend working with Kira.

Jenny M.

Whether your jam is fiction or non-fiction, I’ve got an approach to support you.


Nano is a fantastic process to get you writing. But less than 10% of participants will meet their word count goal. Improve your odds of finishing your manuscript with this dedicated support process.


You want to write a book to support your business but you have no idea where to start. I’ll walk you through the process! From organizing your ideas and time to identifying your genre and target audience, you’ll get a handle on everything you need. Let’s do this!


Once you’ve developed a plan to launch your book writing effort, I can support you along the way: cheerleading and providing accountability so that you stick to your writing goals; offering constructive critiques so that you can hone your writing; coaching to overcome the voice of self-doubt that can otherwise derail you from your writing; and helping you to keep everything structured as your book evolves.


The muse has called on you to take up the pen, to craft worlds from your imagination, but you don’t know where to start. Begin here: Once upon a time…


You’ve completed a draft of your novel but where do you go from here? How do you know what to keep, what darlings must be killed, and what still needs to be added? I’ll help you through the drafting process.

Don’t see a package that meets your needs? Let’s chat. Drop me an email. But don’t let your dream go unanswered!

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