I know you’ve got a book in you. Let it out!

But it’s not that simple.

Maybe you’ve tried and failed before.

Maybe you’re asking yourself if you’re good enough.








The process of writing a book can be daunting. If you’ve struggled with producing your book in the past, I want you to know that it is possible to do. Maybe you are feeling like you don’t have the time to do it, that you can’t make the commitment, that you don’t have the talent. I’m here to tell you that it can be done. Tens of thousands of people do it every year and you can be one of them. Could be that they just know some things that you don’t.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you’ve finished your book. What’s the particular brand of satisfaction that you will feel? How will you celebrate? What will know about yourself then that you don’t know now?


Here’s what’s standing between you and writing success:

Time: carving out the time to write is a challenge, one of the biggest challenges of the whole deal. But time management is a skill, and like any skill, you can strengthen that muscle and learn the tips and tricks to master it. And once you’ve applied it here, you’ll be unstoppable.

Preparation: Are you clear on what you are writing? Do you know your why? Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, having a game plan is a vital first step in the writing process. For non-fiction, that means knowing your audience and market and getting laser focused on your topic. For fiction, that means knowing your genre and themes and having a rock solid outline to guide you through the writing process.

Mindset: do you believe it can happen? This may be the biggest obstacle to writing success, but the good news is that it is 100% under your control. You can shift your limiting beliefs about your writing ability and your capability to keep the commitments you’ve made to yourself. Here are two tips: 1) Ever wonder if you’re really a writer? There’s only one litmus test: writers write. 2) Many successful writers embrace the concept of Shitty First Draft. It doesn’t have to be pretty. It just has to be words. Lay down the tracks, get those words out. You’ll clean it up later.

Is this you?

You have:

  • Always dreamed of being a writer, but you never actually got around to doing the writing
  • Started off strong in developing a writing habit, but distractions came up and got you derailed
  • Found it too hard to make the time to write
  • Psyched yourself out, feeling that you’re not a good enough writer
  • Given up because you just didn’t know what to write
  • Written that first draft but now you don’t what to do next

Here’s what you can have instead:

  • The feeling of satisfaction that comes from accomplishment and a hard-earned victory
  • Outstanding skills of time management and self-discipline that you can apply everywhere else in your life
  • The joy of creative expression
  • Holding your completed book in your hands
  • People clamoring to read your book

I felt comfortable with Kira straight away. I felt like I could open up to her and she wouldn’t judge me in any way. Being able to trust her right from the beginning helped me get the best out of my time with her. Her coaching was a blend of helping me tap into my own wisdom to see my way forward and using her own intuitive skills to show me where I could stop playing small.

Kira helped me see that the limits I was placing on myself were artificial. I felt more in control, much clearer in what I needed to do to move forward with confidence.

Laura, London, UK

I’m Kira Swanson, a certified life coach and writer. I know the pain and frustration of putting your writing dream on hold while you get caught up in life and work and all the responsibilities that entails.

In college, I majored in Psychology because I thought that would give me keen insight into characters (while taking lots of English and Film classes as electives). I also worked as a Writing Tutor and teaching assistant (best job I ever had). I was fully intent on pursuing my passion for writing after school, but then life took over and I got distracted.

Meanwhile, I collected a few degrees (an MBA from Duke University; a PhD where I wrote a 300-page dissertation about the stories we tell ourselves; certificates in coaching and in archetypal dynamics). And in fifteen years of leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, I amassed experience in managing projects and coaching others.

Fast forward about thirty years… I woke up and realized I wasn’t writing. I decided to do something about it. I started taking classes and educating myself. I wrote short stories. Then, in 2016, I participated in NaNoWriMo and wrote the first draft of “The InBetween,” a fantasy/political thriller mashup. I’m on my third draft and have five agents interested in seeing more of my work.

Now, as a coach, I focus on helping people to bring their creative aspects to the forefront of their lives and to move beyond the limiting beliefs that have kept their dreams at bay. I bring all of my education and work experience to bear in partnering with clients. I help them to create a crystal-clear vision for their writing practice, uncover the hidden challenges that sabotage their writing efforts, and leave them renewed, energized and inspired to finally unleash their book.

Whether your jam is fiction or non-fiction, I’ve got an approach to support you.

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