Archetypes are universal patterns of energy that exert force in our lives. There are hundreds of archetypes (e.g. Warrior, Victim, Healer, Saboteur) and each of us has a constellation of twelve that accompany us throughout our life journey.

I’m so excited to announce that I just became certified as an Archetypal Consultation by Caroline Myss’ institute. It was a two-year program in which I learned in depth about the 80 archetypes Caroline works with and I learned how to conduct readings using her Sacred Contracts approach.

Clients have told me that uncovering their archetypes and understanding how these archetypes manifest has helped them to reclaim their power. I love doing Archetypal Readings and I want to do more of them. So, I’m offering this crazy deal to celebrate my certification:

Sacred Contract Archetype Readings for $99

They are usually $175, so that’s a screaming deal!

Find out how your archetypes are tripping you up and how you can redirect their energy to align with your ambitions.