Hey There!

I’m Dr. Kira Swanson.

As a two-time refugee from Corporate America, I know all about being in a soul-crushing job and making the escape into something more fulfilling.

I help people stuck in unfulfilling work to liberate themselves. My passion is to help folks figure out what they really want, identify the beliefs that they need to choose a significant change in their lives, and the support to seize it so they can finally live a life free of self-imposed limitation, embracing their passion through work or play.

Whew! That was a mouthful!

Let’s make this easy: YOU WANT OUT! I’ll help you.

Kira walked me through my overwhelm and helped me focus in on my values, and value.  After my sessions with Kira I’ve been able to move forward with much more clarity, confidence, and focus, and have been way more productive.  Most of all, Kira really inspired and supported me in playing bigger- owning my purpose and passion and the value that has in the world.  This has enabled me to step out more boldly in the world to say what I really think, build my business, do the work I love and charge what I’m worth guilt-free.  If you’re looking to break free of your limits or limiting situation so you can do your good work in the world that lights you up, I highly recommend working with Kira.

Jenny M.

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