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You’re an ambitious high-achiever, yet there’s something that’s not quite right. You don’t feel completely fulfilled and you’re not expressing your authentic self.

You’re so busy doing things you don’t love that you’ve lost sight of who you really are and the potential that you could be expressing.

I know, because that was me.

It’s time to make a change!

Maybe you need some time to cultivate your dreams and challenge the beliefs that have been holding you back.

As a life coach for those stuck in a rut…



Love Monday Coaching

Do you dread Monday? Is it because it’s not fulfilling, maybe it’s even soul-sucking? All your best moments are found on evenings and weekends?

Love Monday Coaching is a private, 16-week intensive program. You’ll get focused on what you really want. You’ll develop a new level of awareness about yourself and the qualities that you want to express through your work. We’ll explore what has you stuck and what you will need to believe, think, feel, and do differently in order to create a new reality for yourself. And, before we are finished, you will start to create those new results for yourself.

Belief Rx

Beliefs create the foundation for all of our thoughts. It’s our thoughts that drive our feelings, our feelings that lead to action, and our actions that create results.

If your beliefs aren’t aligned with the reality you want to create, it will be hard to get traction.

Get relief from limiting beliefs as we take a deep dive on your most damaging beliefs and you learn a process to change all beliefs that are holding you back.

Archetypal Readings

If you want to understand yourself better, there’s no better way than to get to know your archetypes.

Each of us is accompanied by twelve archetypes on our life journey. These are patterns of energy that structure around recognizable character types like The Fool, The Mother, The Warrior.

Knowing your unique constellation of archetypes will give you keen insight into your motivations, strengths, and sabotages.

With an Archetypal Reading, you’ll identify your archetypes and learn where they fall in your Natal Chart. You’ll get a personalized reading and twelve-page report helping you to understand the opportunities you can capitalize on and the pitfalls you must navigate around.

Calling the Muse

Are you a wannabe writer or a practicing writer who struggles with self-doubt and finding the time to write. Calling the Muse is for you!

Calling the Muse is a 16-week intensive private coaching experience. In this program, you will create a writing habit, learn how to overcome the obstacles to your writing, and you’ll make substantial progress on a project of your choice.

The best part is that you’ll learn to call the muse so you won’t have to wait for inspiration to spark. You’ll have it on demand.

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