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I’m Dr. Kira, a Life Coach obsessed with helping clients to find their highest purpose and express it through work or play. I help people who have come to dread Monday. We get to the root of the problem and identify work or leisure that would be more fulfilling and deeply soul-satisfying. Something aligned with their purpose. That way, they will Love Monday.

If you’re looking to do something completely different, such as your own thing or a new job elsewhere, or even if you want to thrive in your current situation, I can help.

I walked away from six-figure positions in Corporate America twice. I know how to do this and how not to do it. Grasping that distinction makes a huge difference!


Let’s talk about what you want to accomplish so that you can Love Monday.

A Discovery Session is a free 60-minute conversation. This is a chance for the two of us to talk about what is going on for you, your challenges, hopes, and dreams. I’ll give you a taste of my coaching in this session. My goal is for you to walk away with new clarity, feeling energized, and excited about the possibilities for your career.

We’ll meet over Zoom and, if you like, I’ll record the session for your future reference.

If it’s appropriate, we’ll discuss what working together might look like.

Click here to learn more about my coaching offerings.

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