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If you’re sick and tired of forsaking your dreams and desires, if you’re starting to see how you actually alienate your loved ones when you’re not shining your brightest light, if you’re serious about self-transformation, passione e essenza is the program for you.

Passione e essenza is tailored to help you wake up. In the first phase, you’ll go from:

  • Numb to thawing
  • Confused to curious and optimistic
  • Avoiding what you want through bad habits to figuring out what is calling you
  • Feeling like you don’t have the time to discovering new priorities
  • Being a people pleaser to taking radical responsibility for yourself
  • Stuck to finding traction
  • Sabotaging yourself to awareness of your decision making power

When you advance to the next stage, you’ll go from:

  • Being out of touch with yourself to deeply connected to your values, passions, and longings
  • Curious to knowing exactly what you want
  • Afraid to courageous
  • Being ruled by your emotions to making powerful choices
  • Exhausted and burnt out to being supercharged with the energy that flows when you align with your highest potential

In the final phase, you’ll go from:

  • Depending on others to having faith in yourself and a higher power
  • Alienating your loved ones to showing them the best parts of yourself
  • Seeing all the obstacles to seeing all the opportunities
  • Worrying about scarcity to having certainty about abundance
  • Believing you can’t have it to actually doing it

Passione e essence offers a three-part approach to aligning you with your highest potential.


Recognizing where you have compromised and all the damage that it has done. Understanding the self-imposed prison you’ve created.


Getting in touch with what you are being called to do – your highest purpose. Developing new habits of thought, feeling, and action to maintain that alignment.


Taking practical steps toward manifesting your chosen reality. Testing new hypotheses. Permanently altering your habits of thought, feeling, and action. Beginning to see the new results you’ve been creating.

Passione e essenza will work for you even if:

  • You feel you don’t have the time (this will transform your relationship with time).
  • You feel confused about what you really want (a lot of us do, that’s precisely what we’re going to figure out together).
  • You feel you’re not ready (When your brain tells you you’re not ready, it’s the lizard part of the brain talking. It’s afraid you are going to upset the applecart, and you are going to— BIG TIME. It doesn’t like that idea, so it tells you lies to keep you stuck).
  • You question your own level of commitment (more lizard lies. If you’ve read this far, a part of yourself is very engaged. I specialize in reconfiguring your thought system so that your lizard brain no longer oversteps its bounds).
  • You’re reluctant to invest time and money (more lizard lies! People thrive when they cultivate courage and belief and then step into doing what calls them. When you think of the big picture, you can’t afford not to do this. I’m not promising you’ll make more money doing what you love—but many people do—I’m saying your life will be richer and more fulfilling. Who cares how much money you have if you’re too tired, stressed, burnt out, or numb to enjoy it?)

This is For You if…

  • You’re someone who has always put others’ needs first. You’re tired of squelching your passions and you’d like some help learning to lay claim to them.
  • You’re in a career that no longer (never?) fulfills you. You’re very comfortable there, the money is good, your identity is tied to being a [fill in the blank] (marketing manager, lawyer, engineer, consultant, VP, HR professional, etc). But you KNOW you’re not doing what you want to do, what you are HERE to do.
  • You already broke away to do what you love, but GAH!!, you’re not actually loving it. You’re still caught up in scarcity thinking, you’re scared it won’t work and you’ll have to go back. And you KNOW you CAN’T GO BACK. Yet, you might.

But, this is not for:

  • People looking for a magic pill who don’t want to do the work to change their beliefs, thinking, feelings, and actions.
  • People looking for someone to tell them exactly what to do. Trust me, you have the answers inside. You’ve probably buried them under a heap distractions, other people’s needs and expectations, commitments you didn’t deliberately choose, etc. You may be totally numb right now and might be fantasizing about a color by number map out of this. It doesn’t exist. You need to do the work to thaw out (I’ll tell you how to do that) so that you can awaken to your own wisdom.
  • People looking for a cheerleader who will always agree with them. If you’re finding yourself in this stuck place, chances are you need to change your thinking. That’s not easy to do and you might not always love it when I point out where you are selling yourself out.

Working with Kira was a breath of fresh air.  She walked me through my overwhelm and helped me focus in on my values, and value.  After my sessions with Kira I’ve been able to move forward with much more clarity, confidence, and focus, and have been way more productive.  Most of all, Kira really inspired and supported me in playing bigger- owning my purpose and passion and the value that has in the world.  This has enabled me to step out more boldly in the world to say what I really think, build my business, do the work I love and charge what I’m worth guilt-free.  If you’re looking to break free of your limits or limiting situation so you can do your good work in the world that lights you up, I highly recommend working with Kira.

Jenny M.

What’s included in passione e essenza

Private 1:1 coaching sessions: This is where we unravel it all so that we can rebuild the thinking patterns that you’ll need to flourish. We’ll do this in one-hour coaching sessions each week for 16 weeks. Through this process, you will Awakening, develop Awareness, and start Achieving your passions.

Between Session Assignments: You’ll deepen the work that we do in our sessions by completing weekly assignments designed to help you build new habits of thought and action.

Between Session Email Support: You can email me as much as you want for support between sessions, so you’ll always be clear on where we are going and what you need to get there.

Investment: $2300 or two payments of $1250


Archetypal Reading (a $250 value)

You will identify the twelve archetypes of your Natal Chart, using Caroline Myss’ system (I’m certified by her organization as an Archetypal Consultant). You will learn where each archetype falls in your natal chart and gain insight into how the light and shadow attributes of each archetype are expressing themselves. This deep dive into the forces that shape you will help you in your journey.

Blowing Past Your Limiting Beliefs eBook

This 20+ page workbook means business. It’s the real deal to help you identify your limiting beliefs. The eBook walks you through a process to systematically drive out these beliefs that lead to self-sabotage. And you won’t be left on your own to figure it out. We will work through everything together to make sure you get the most value.

Belief Relief (a $250 value)

In this targeted session, we’ll take a deep dive into your belief structure, identify the most damaging beliefs and we’ll neutralize them so that you stop sabotaging yourself.

To learn more, schedule a free discovery session.

I felt comfortable with Kira straight away. I felt like I could open up to her and she wouldn’t judge me in any way. Being able to trust her right from the beginning helped me get the best out of my time with her. Her coaching was a blend of helping me tap into my own wisdom to see my way forward and using her own intuitive skills to show me where I could stop playing small.

 Kira helped me see that the limits I was placing on myself were artificial. I felt more in control, much clearer in what I needed to do to move forward.

Laura L.

I enjoyed working with Kira. I had a lot of fears about showing my whole self, even though I know I need and want to. Kira helped me uncover the root of the issue and release it by reconnecting to my purpose. She helped me to come up with ways to allow my light to shine. Kira is great at bringing your best self forward. I realized that confidence is already within me, I just have to show up and shine bright!

Jovanhanna T.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m Dr. Kira, and I’m a recovered sell-out. It took me a long time to think of myself in those terms. When I was enjoying my career in Corporate America, I became unconscious to my most important longings. These passions had been loud in college, but something about work-life after college hypnotized me into a trance, where I became comfortable working long hours doing soulless work for an attractive compensation package.

My awakening occurred in fits and starts over several years. Heck, it’s still ongoing, but to date, the most significant moment in my transformation was… [Read More]

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