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Escape Your 9 to 5

Is this you?

Maybe your job started as a 9 to 5, but like a virus-infected dead man, it morphed into a zombie-like entity that has taken over your life. Funny how your job knows no boundaries when it comes to subsuming your life, yet at work, it keeps you so hemmed in by rules, politics, and bureaucracy that you can hardly breathe.

Perhaps you want to get away entirely or just reshape the parameters of your job so that it is something that better supports your goals and fits within the rhythms of your life.

Perhaps you know that you want out, but the idea of leaving freaks you out. It pushes all your buttons, trips your triggers and leaves you paralyzed with inaction.

You know that metaphorical ladder that you’re supposed to be climbing? What if your’s is against the wrong wall? 

I’ll help you figure out whether you want to be on a ladder at all, and if so, which wall that ladder should be up against. If you want off the ladder, I’ll help you plan your escape, while at the same time providing the support you need to thrive while you’re still in your current situation.

If you’re not sure that leaving is the right decision for you, we’ll get you crystal clear on the various options that you have so that you can figure what is best aligned with your beliefs, values, goals, and dreams.

If leaving is what you decide to do, I’ll help you leave in the right way, with your dignity, and bridges intact. You’ll walk out with a long list of colleagues who respect you.

I’ll help you summon your courage so that you can bring your truest and most powerful self forward to decide which path you want to follow, and then seize your path with renewed energy.

This is for you if any of the following ring true:

You have the sneaky suspicion that your ladder’s on the wrong wall.


You know your ladder is up against the wrong wall, but you don’t know where to put it.

You’re telling yourself: “I don’t know what I want, but it isn’t this.”


Your ladder is against the wrong wall but you’re afraid to move it.

You’re telling yourself: “I’m afraid I’ll fail.”


You’re ready to move your ladder.

You’re saying yourself: “I’m ready. Let’s do this.”

Here’s how we’ll get you there.

I’ve developed a roadmap for your journey. This is not some X step process, cookie cutter approach, one size fits all (because if you liked those kinds of solutions, you were probably happy back in your cubicle). No, this is a comfortable balance between structure and customizing on the fly to meet you where you are at. We’re going to to tap into your inner rebel to bash through the constraints that have been holding you back.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Deep Dive on Goals and Priorities
  • Getting Curious (Explore career drivers and satisfaction)
  • Knowing Yourself (Exploring your story, strengths and internal energy)
  • Life Design (What do you want life to look like?)
  • Gaining Clarity
  • Identifying and Removing Limiting Beliefs
  • Finding Your Mojo
  • The Consciousness of Abundance
  • The Art of Manifesting
  • Advanced Life Design (How will you fulfill your purpose?)
  • Archetypal Exploration
  • Building Your Escape Plan (Finances, Network, Business Plan)



You’ll walk away with clarity: a clear sense of where to go from here and knowledge of how your goals and strengths align with your chosen direction.

 A plan to better enjoy the life you have now while you’re working toward making your dream real.

 A tangible plan to take you from here to there. 

 And the increased self-confidence to make it all happen.


Program Details:


Diving deep and finding the clarity you’re seeking takes time. We’ll work together over a period of four months. We’ll meet via phone or Skype for one-hour coaching sessions, three each month. In between sessions, you have email support so that you always feel encouraged and never lose momentum along the way. In our sessions, I’ll provide as much structure as you need but I’ll tailor the experience as we go so that it’s always responsive to your needs. You’ll complete exercises and sometimes there will be homework so that you can deepen the learning and create the change you want to see in your life.


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