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Break Out of Mental Prison


Is this you?


Your energy is out of whack. It’s like you’ve got one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake. You’ve got goals that you are going after and in most areas you’re getting it done. But there are some goals that remain elusive, always looming out there on the horizon. Something’s holding you back and it’s driving you crazy. WTF? How do you get everything in alignment so that all of your energy is propelling you forward?


You’re settling. One or more of your life roles has taken over. Your work is crowding out your relationships until you’re starving yourself dry (or, vice versa, you can’t get any work done because everyone else always comes first).


You’re playing small. I’m not saying that you’re not successful. It’s just that you’re not putting it all out there. Who would you be if you knew you couldn’t fail? Let’s unleash that person.

I’ll help you get your energy back into alignment. Together we can identify and challenge the hidden beliefs and assumptions that are holding you back and causing you to undermine your own behavior. We can even design experiments that will enable you to test out the validity of the limiting beliefs and assumptions that are you holding you hostage. That way you can break free of their grip in a safe and potent way so that you can create lasting change.


We’ll get clear on your priorities, goals, and dreams so that you can optimize how you focus your energies across your many roles and commitments. This will enable you to bring conscious choice back into your life so that life doesn’t just happen to you. You’ll take control and design your life.


We’ll explore and tap into the hidden reservoirs of strength that lie within you and reclaim their power to enrich your life. This will give you the strength that you need to make changes and embrace life with the full force of your being.

This is for you if any of the following ring true:

  • There’s some person, issue, or a specific project that keeps tripping you up. Normally you’ve got your act together, but you keep getting derailed in this one area.
  • You can’t motivate yourself to do certain tasks. The fire and energy that you usually bring to work and life just aren’t there for this one thing.
  • You feel cut off from your inner wisdom. You’ve neglected it for so long that it has gone silent or become too quiet to be heard in your restless mind as you struggle to manage all the commitments competing for your attention.
  • You feel unfocused. You are so overwhelmed by all the demands on your time that you don’t have time or energy for what you truly value (and maybe you’ve lost sight of what that even is).

Here’s what we’re going to do to get you out of this.

I’ve helped lots of people with these very problems. There are some specific techniques that we can use to address these issues. You might find like many people do, that it’s incredibly helpful to process your frustrations with someone who can put what you are experiencing into context, who can help you reshape your thinking, and guide you to the clarity that you need to move forward. That’s where I come in.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Deep Dive on Goals, Priorities, and Vision
  • Knowing Yourself (Exploring your story, strengths and internal energy)
  • Breaking Through (removing the obstacles that are holding you back)
  • The Art of the Reframe (inviting a shift in perspective to gain new insight into the roots and resolution of issues)
  • Understanding Your Immune System (why you are immune to change and how to overcome it)
  • Life Design (What do you want life to look like?)
  • Identifying and Removing Limiting Beliefs
  • Finding Your Mojo
  • The Consciousness of Abundance
  • The Art of Manifesting
  • Advanced Life Design (How will you fulfill your purpose?)



You’ll walk away with: a greater sense of clarity and control: you will be better able to manage your energy and the commitment to various roles in your life.

A greater sense of clarity and control: you will be better able to manage your energy and the commitment to various roles in your life.

Alignment of your priorities, energy, and action. Things will happen smoother for you when everything is aligned.

A stronger sense of self. By investing in understanding yourself at a deeper level, you’ll find that you are able to bring more of yourself to the table to fully participate in life, to get your yourself out there, and to be heard.

And the increased self-confidence to make it all happen.


Diving deep and finding the clarity you’re seeking takes time. We’ll work together over a period of three months. We’ll meet via phone or Skype for one-hour coaching sessions, three each month. In between sessions, you have email support so that you always feel encouraged and never lose momentum along the way. In our sessions, I’ll provide as much structure as you need but I’ll tailor the experience as we go so that it will always be responsive to your needs. You’ll complete exercises and sometimes there will be homework so that you can deepen the learning and create the change you want to see in your life.


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