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Life Blueprint

This intensive program consists of the following:


We will use assessments and exercises designed to identify the ideal state that you want to create for yourself and to uncover unproductive behaviors and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and more.

Deep Dive Sessions

With the assessments and exercises as guideposts, we’ll engage in intensive one to one coaching (three sessions a month, 60 minutes each). In these sessions, we’ll:

  • Define your aspirations
  • Uncover how your beliefs are keeping you stuck and undermining your confidence, clarity, and ability to take action
  • Make use of powerful techniques to help you tap into your deepest reserves of insight
  • Employ state of the art approaches to help you identify unproductive behavior, understand what is motivating it, and craft concrete action steps to challenge your underlying assumptions and achieve the results you want
  • Capture the unhelpful stories that you are telling yourself and rewrite them into new stories that support creating the reality you want for yourself

Each of these sessions will be recorded so that you will always have something to refer back to. I have lots of tools to draw from but we won’t use an overly structured approach. Instead, our work will be organic and customized — tailored to your unique needs.

Taking Action

You’ll deepen the material that we work on in sessions by completing mutually agreed upon action steps that will help you usher in the life and work that you want to create.

Supporting Processes

We’ll draw on additional exercises and assessments as relevant to enrich our work together.

Drop-In Support

In between the sessions, I’ll be available to you via email as needed so that you don’t lose momentum and can get questions answered without having to wait until the next session.

You’ll walk away with:

  • The achievement of your stated coaching goals.
  • A greater sense of clarity and control.
  • Alignment of your priorities, energy, and action.
  • A stronger sense of self. By investing in understanding yourself as a deeper level, you’ll find that you are able to bring more of yourself to the table to fully participate in life and business, to get yourself out there, and to be heard.
  • The increased self-confidence to make it all happen.

Investment: $1500 for four-month program

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