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Let’s Do This Book Launcher

You know that you have a book in you and you want to get it out. A book would be such a complement to your business. You’re doing what you love and you want to share that passion with others. You’ve got something to say, a difference to make, and you yearn to reach a wider audience with your message, to change more lives.

But time keeps slipping by without you making progress on your ambition. What’s going on?

You might be struggling to find the time to devote to the project. To write a book feels so colossal — how can you possibly fit that into your schedule when you’re crazy busy as it is?

Or it might seem too daunting. You have so many great ideas, but how to tie them all together into a cohesive whole? And where do you even begin with it all?

So, you just let overwhelm keep pushing your dream out into the future until it feels like it might elude you forever. But writing is a calling, and not answering that call makes you feel empty.

Here’s what could be…

You’re bristling with energy whenever you think about having your completed book. You probably already know what it is called. You fantasize about who will endorse it. You can imagine the lives that you’ll positively impact.

You know how amazing it will feel when you finally start getting the words down and seeing your ideas come together in a coherent flow. You’re ready to cop that buzz.

How would it feel to:

  • Be buzzing with energy to work on your book?
  • Create an established writing practice so that you were making consistent progress on your book?
  • Understand the needs of your target audience so that you’re sure that what you’re writing will appeal to your readers?
  • Complete a detailed outline so that every time you sit down to write you know exactly what to focus on?
  • Have an ultimate game plan so that you know how much to write each week to get your book done on your timeline?

Let your book out! I’ll show you how.

I’m a coach for entrepreneurs who want to make a larger impact with their work by writing a book but are having trouble getting started. I help them break through the obstacles that are holding them back—fear, second-guessing, not knowing where to begin—so that they can get busy making deeper inroads with the people they serve.

After completing the Let’s Do This Book Launcher, you’ll be…

  • Laser focused on your ultimate goal and the steps to take to get there
  • Motivated to get started and persist through the hard work of book writing
  • Organized with your ideas structured into a manageable order
  • Clear on how you will fit your writing into your busy life

Let’s Do This Book Launcher includes:

Book Writing Blueprint

You’ve got so many ideas your head is spinning. You’ll get out of the whirlwind by starting with The Book Writing Blueprint. This workbook will help you get everything organized and give you a roadmap for creating your book.  You’ll figure out the nitty-gritty details of what’s going into your book. And you’ll define what to do and when to do it to get your book done by the deadline that you establish. Knowing how you’re going to get there is half the battle. It’s a pretty intensive workbook, but no worries. We’ll be walking through it together.

Book Breakthrough Strategy Session

In this 90-minute call, I’ll help you discover what’s at the root of your desire to write so that you can harness that energy to create and maintain momentum. You’ll get a sanity check on your structure and together we will work out any kinks. You’ll walk away with a rock solid outline that shapes your ideas into a meaningful whole. My clients find this gives them peace of mind and gets them motivated to do the work. We’ll also determine a writing pace tailored to your time demands, style, and preferences so that can deliver on your goal.

Constructive Critique

You may be questioning the quality of your writing. I can help with that! You’ll receive a 1,000-word critique so that you can dive into the writing process with confidence. I’ll help you to recognize your unique write voice so that you can accentuate it moving forward. I’ll also point out opportunities for improvement. This will assist you close writing gaps early on to bolster the overall quality of your writing and save you time in the revision process.

Final Follow-up

In this 30-minute call, we’ll review your revised Book Writing Blueprint and discuss the Constructive Critique so that you’ll get all of your questions answered. You’ll be off to a running start, laser focused and energized, with a plan that tells you exactly how you’re going to produce that final product.

It’s painful when you have the call to create and you don’t answer it. But there are very real obstacles that can block your way. I can help you navigate those roadblocks, find your creative juice, and unleash your book. Let’s do this!

Investment: $99

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to ask:

Ready to get started? Great! Take the next step.

Click the button to schedule your 90-minute Book Breakthrough Strategy Session. (Note: you will want to give yourself a few days to complete the Book Writing Blueprint before that meeting). Once you’re scheduled, I will send out the Blueprint, your invoice and the Zoom details for our call. Send me the Blueprint at least 24 hours before our first meeting.

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