What’s missing in your work?

Is it you?

Are you struggling to show up as your authentic self?

When we were out of alignment with who we truly are, it can be difficult to show up in our business.

Authenticity starts with a deep knowledge of ourselves. This knowledge can dispel the fear that we have about putting ourselves out there. It can give us the courage and confidence to be a commanding presence in our business, to own our brand.

But how do we get in touch with our authentic selves? The demands of today’s busy world cause us to wear so many different faces that sometimes we lose the core of who we truly are: we forget ourselves in the midst of our busyness.



What is available to us when we are tapped into our true selves?

We find our courage, our confidence, our voice. We speak out authentically and we attract clients that resonate at the same frequency. But that can’t happen if we are lost within ourselves.

Exploring the archetypes is a powerful way to get in touch with our authentic selves. The archetypes are universal patterns of energy that manifest in our lives.

They can be found in all forms of art… they frequently appear in movies and books because they tap into something unconscious that we all relate to at an intuitive level. Many archetypes you will easily recognize: The Hero, The Magician, The Joker.

Each of us has a constellation of archetypes that have a profound influence on our lives. Bringing these energies to conscious awareness can be transformative.

Through one to one coaching you can go on a journey of discovery to meet your own unique constellation of archetypes. You can find out which of these energies are available to support you and how they can manifest in your life. Working directly with the archetypes opens up new possibility for insight, wisdom, and action.

If you find that:

  • You are having difficulty showing up fully in all aspects of your business
  • You feel confused about some part of your business, especially as it relates to marketing messages and branding
  • You are getting derailed by old stories
  • Some aspect of your business is feeling harder than you expected it to

Here’s what you can have instead:

  • The courage and confidence to step forward into all aspects of your business, fully owning it
  • Clarity around your marketing messages and branding
  • The insight to rewrite your old stories and deliberately craft your future
  • The ability to tackle all aspects of your business with greater ease and acceptance
  • A rekindling of the enthusiasm and excitement that got you into your business in the first place

I’m Kira Swanson, a Certified Mindset Coach, Certified Archetypal Consultant (Caroline Myss), and Archetypal Pattern Reader (Assisi Institute). I have a BA in Psychology from Carleton College, an MBA from Duke University and a PhD in Organizational Systems at Saybrook University where I also studied consciousness and mythology. I’m passionate about psychology because I think it gives us the kinds of insights about ourselves that can be life transforming. I’ve experienced that myself… ideas that unlock hidden dimensions of the self in such a profound way that you can’t go back to how things used to be. For me, no element of psychology has been more exciting than tapping into the wisdom of the archetypes.

A fellow traveler awakened me to the presence of Jupiter and Saturn in my life: they are contrasting influences (Jupiter is expansive, creative, and bold while Saturn is contracting, serious, and disciplined). These polar opposites were driving me crazy until I learned how to honor their contributions in my life and figured out how to get these forces working together.

Let’s find out which archetypes are accompanying you on your life’s journey.

Kira’s recommendations and strategies made a significant impact in my business and personal life. She is engaging, fun to work with and she has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I enjoyed our conversations because she speaks from the heart and I felt that she truly cared about me. In my opinion, she is a student of life and has done the research to backup her coaching. I highly recommend Kira!

Stephanie S.

Exploring with the Archetypes

I offer one to one to support your exploration of the archetypes. 

Archetypal Reading

We are each encoded with a constellation of 12 archetypes who accompany us on our life’s journey. Coming face to face with these energies allows us to make conscious choices about how we deploy their powers in our lives.

One session, including a Sacred Contracts Reading and a deck of Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss.


Fate and Destiny Coaching

When we are at the effect of the world, we are controlled by it. Everything we do is in response to something external to us, we yield our power and live out our fate. But we can choose to walk a different path where we become the heroes of our life’s journey. Understand the twelve choices you can make – choices that are unique to you and your journey – and how they will empower you to realize your destiny instead of living out your fate.

Five sessions, including a Fate & Destiny Reading.


Branding with the Archetypes

How do you show up in the world and how does it affect your business? What is the character and personality of your brand and how do it reflect you as its owner? What do you want your brand personality to be? Learn how the powerful energies of the archetypes can help you to create a brand that resonates at a subconscious level for the ideal clients that you want to attract.

Seven sessions, including a Sacred Contracts Reading and a Branding with the Archetypes Assessment.









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