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The Hero’s Journey

Session 1 + 2, Lay of the Land: Identifying coaching objectives. How to conduct archetypal assessment. Overview of the Process

Session 3+ 4, Knowing Yourself: Who are you? What archetypal energies are dominant in your life?

Session 5, Catalyst to Change: What needs to change?

Session 6, Crossing the Threshold: Establishing a foundation to gain new perspective.

Session 7 + 8, Preparing for the Challenge: Identify what the final state looks.

Session 9 + 10, Facing Down Fears: Working through stuck places..

Session 11, 12 + 13, Conquering the Treasure: The client takes inspired action to achieve the final state.

Session 14, Integration: Integrating learnings into real life.

Session 15, The Elixir: The client reflects on the person she or he has become.

15 Sessions

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