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Day 30: Why You Write

Oh, man, we’re really getting down to the wire now! Starting Wednesday, it’s Nano time! Are you ready?

This, our next-to-the-last post, is fairly lightweight. I’m sure you’re pretty busy with all your Nano planning activities, but if you will indulge one last assignment, I am confident that it will pay dividends for you.

So, here it is. Just one simple question:

Why do you write?

Write down your answer.

It inspires you? Why? It fills you up? It calls to you? Why? You feel it is imperative? Why?

Dig deep here. What is it that would be missing if you didn’t write? How do you feel when you are writing? Why do you suppose you are feeling that way? What satisfaction does writing bring you?

Think this one through. Try to give yourself 100 words. 250 is better.

That’s it. Just tell yourself why you write. Save this what you wrote. If ever you feel a moment of flagging energy during November, if you’re asking yourself what you’re doing it, or feeling like you just don’t have it in, pull out that piece of paper. Remind yourself why you write.


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