Here are links to all of the articles in the series:

Day 1: Overview of NaNoWriMo

Day 2: October Goals

Day 3: Research

Day 4: Premises

Day 5: Conflict and Stakes

Day 6: Character Development

Day 7: World-Building

Day 8: The Shitty First Draft

Day 9: The Myth of Time Management

Day 10: November Goals

Day 11: Software

Day 12: Finding Your Tribe

Day 13: Banishing Limiting Beliefs

Day 14: Plotting

Day 15: The Hero’s Journey

Day 16: The Heroine’s Journey, Pt. 1

Day 17: The Heroine’s Journey, Pt. 2

Day 18: Archetypes

Day 19: Character Arcs

Day 20: Detailed Outline

Day 21: Scene Planning

Day 22: Openings

Day 23: Write Fast

Day 24: Space and Environment

Day 25: Self-care

Day 26: Inspiration

Day 27: Managing Expectations

Day 28: Distractions

Day 29: Perfectionism

Day 30: Why You Write

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